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Pushtimargiya Vaishnav Samaj of Canada

Our Purpose
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The Pushti Margya Samaj of Toronto has been created to serve the community of Pushti Margya Vaishnavs, create a place where we can meet and celebrate the glory this is Shri. Nathji.
Organization Purpose
The Pushti Margya Samaj of Toronto is committed to provide all Vaishnavs  a platform for all Vaishnavs to meet and fulfill their spritual and social aspirations. 
The Haveli in Toronto fulfills the dreams of many Pushti Margya Vaishnavs who had been working towards the specific goal of providing a central point for all members of the community where we can celebrate our common spritual beliefs. 
The purpose of the Pushti Margya Samaj is to serve Pushti Margya Vaishnavs of Toronto fulfill their spirutual needs.  We are looking for all Pushti Margya Vaishnavs to support our endeavour, therby building a strong and united community. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote Shri. Vallabacharya's teachings and educate our Youth on the Pushti way of life, to further open their minds to the great love and blessings that can be achieved with complete service, faith and trust in Shri. Nathji.

Pushti Marg Samaj of Toronto
58 Clark Ave,
Thornhill, ON
L3T 1S5
Tel:  905-771-3939